Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chicken Fried Rice 2

(Photo courtesy of ME!)

This is what I made myself for dinner tonite, it doesn't look all that great, but Chinese food just isn't all that photogenic. If you're interested, the recipe is below (Caution! I don't like to measure, so everything is approximate, basically just add it till it looks good.)

This is really simple, just make sure everything is cooked, and then add it in the order it is listed below on High, stirring almost constantly, let each ingredient cook to nearly the desired tenderness before adding the next.

  • 2 Tbls Sesame Oil
  • 2 large boneless skinless chicken breasts cubed (cook completely before adding next ingredient)
  • 1/3 large onion, chopped
  • 1 1/4 cup mushrooms, chopped (and rinsed, duh!)
  • Half a bag of peas and carrots
  • Half a bag of bean sprouts (or until it looks pretty, don't cook these too long)
  • 3 cups of rice (precooked amount, make sure you cook it before adding it.)
  • 4 eggs, pre-scrambled
  • Add low sodium soy sauce until it reaches that desired color
  • Pepper to taste
I like to eat it with some chinese hot mustard, it adds lots of flavor with a small amount of calories.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Canada Bus Decapitation

I haven't posted in awhile, but this really got my attention.

The story is very disturbing.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Microsoft Surface

Most of you have probably seen Microsoft's Surface in action, or at least heard about it, it's definitely cool, although it's practicality as anything but a novelty item is questionable.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, here's the original teaser.

Now for those of you who are as cynical as I am, here is the parody of the above teaser.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ode to Coffee

My love affair with coffee began one fateful evening in Minnesota while attending a small concert/talent show at a coffee house. I had been up all night driving, and being the young adventurous 17yr old that I was, I did not want to miss out on the night's activities, so I did what anyone in my place would have done, and downed a cup of that bitter, brown liquid, and enjoyed my night!

Nearly 6 years and approx. 4,500+ cups of coffee later, not only do I drink coffee religiously (addiction.....?), but I've worked at Starbucks, and am a regular advocate of its benefits.

Where did it come from? Coffee was discovered nearly 1200 years ago when (according to legend) Ethiopian shepherds noticed that when their goats ate the berries of a certain plant, they started jumping around madly, with increased levels of energy. So of course one thing led to the other and coffee is now one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.

Why do I enjoy coffee? Well if you're a fan of zombie movies like I am, you're familiar with the behavior and mannerisms of the walking dead. Plainly stated, that is me in the morning. Communication is limited to Frankensteinian grunts and my level of motivation would be frowned upon by even the laziest of sloths. So needless to say, a strong cup of joe is required to give me that kick-start into consciousness and raise my self-awaredness to the minimum level required to distinguish humans from animals.

Other benefits of coffee? Oh sure they exist, but I doubt there is anyone that actually lists them for any other reason than to excuse their addiction. The health benefits of coffee seem to fluctuate according to whatever study is currently popular, but it is generally accepted that regularly consuming coffee (well, caffeine) helps prevent Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and Gout (my favorite!). It also contains antioxidants that help prevent free radicals from causing cell damage.

Dis benefits of coffee? There are none! Okay, maybe a few. But we prefer not to speak of them, it's bad luck. Except for yellow teeth, bad breath, and possible withdrawal symptoms, and maybe some heart burn, the down side of regular, moderate consumption of coffee is pretty low.

So that's it. That's why I love coffee and you should too! It gives me the energy to enjoy life, pass exams, and it gives me an excuse to hang out at coffee shops (where I'm currently writing this).

Thursday, June 26, 2008

DC's Tyrannical Gun Ban over!

I don't have much to say, I'm just happy this 30yr old unconstitutional law has been overturned by the Supreme Court (doesn't go much higher than that), if you are a crazy tree hugging hippie and disagree with me, please see my previous post Guns Make America Safe before leaving angry comments.

full story

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New I-Phone 2.0..... is Stupid

It's funny, (almost) every Tuesday at lunch I sit at my computer and search the net for some great Stupid Video to share, and without fail, I never have to look very long.... There's so much stupid stuff online, it's great!

Today's video is about a guy getting a pre-release of the new IPhone 2.0 that's supposed to come out this summer.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Odd, Funny, Strange Presidential Candidates

Here are some 2008 Presidential Candidates that haven't been getting nearly as much press coverage as the three I refuse to mention (you know, those three whose names rhyme with Killary, Osama, and McBain, that's right, Simpsons reference)

1. Jackson Kirk Grimes

"abolishing Christianity and replacing it with classical Roman Paganism fused with the political system of Fascist Italy.

Things of Note:

  • Director and CEO of the United Fascist Union
  • Mussolini and Saddam Hussein are his political heroes
  • Three time U.S. Presidential Candidate (he surprisingly didn't get elected the first two times, but there's still hope in Nov...)
Most Endearing Feature:
That warm feeling he gives you, reminiscent of listening to your grandfather tell stories next to the fireplace, when he's sitting at his desk, in a nazi military uniform, wearing black leather gloves, with an inverted pentagram on the wall behind him... (here's a video of him, I'm not just making this up).

2. Frank Moore


He actually has a serious platform, it leans more toward socialism, with a 10% tax on anyone making under $1 mil, and 75% tax on people over $1 mil, everything else is a little extreme, but nothing I haven't heard before.

Things of Note:
If you haven't figured it out yet, Frank Moore is a satirist/performing artist, but unfortunately not a very funny one, at least not with this campaign. And the video isn't really an act, he has cerebral palsy, which doesn't allow him to walk or talk, so maybe the offer to speak at events, which he announces on his website is part of the joke?

Most Endearing Feature:
Despite his disability he "has written books; has directed plays; has directed, acted in, and edited films; regularly gives poetry readings; plays piano; sings in ensemble music jams; and continues to lead bands in hardcore punk clubs up and down the west coast."

3. Gene Amondson

Prohibition Party's Nominee, so he's against the liquor industry, (he sure isn't going to get the Cubs Fans vote....). That's it, his whole platform, apparently stopping liquor sales will solve all of our domestic issues, and will write our foreign policy, healthcare, protect us from terrorists, and end our dependence on foreign oil....

Most Endearing Feature:
He likes to impersonate Billy Sunday, a famous preacher who fought the liquor industry, but it gets better, he also likes to dress up as the Grim Reaper and hold demonstrations..... once again, I just couldn't even start to make this stuff up.

Gene Amondson as 'Death'

4. John Taylor Bowles

Bowles states that he is "the white people's candidate," also he wants "the orderly deportation of all non-whites to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. White American soldiers would be recalled from overseas duty and be placed on the Southern border so they can stop the invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico.

Most Endearing Feature:
Just look how cute he is sitting there crossing his arms, he's like a little baby Hitler! I just want to go pinch his cheeks!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Random Firefox Shortcut

Use Firefox? Have a widescreen monitor and sometimes want some more viewing area? Try hitting the F11 key (for PC's anyways, don't know about you mac owners). I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pandora Internet Radio Review

I had been listening to my custom station on Slacker (internet) Radio for nearly a year now, but they recently started to play ads in between songs, so of course they had to go. I don't mind visual ads around the player, but if I want commercials I'll listen to old fashioned radio.

My buddy at Nigzich Nutrition and Fitness recommended Pandora internet radio, and I must admit I like it, a lot.

First let me state what I like about Slacker over Pandora, and then I'll rant about Pandora.
Slacker Pros:

  • Ban artist feature
  • Adjust how many artists are recommended
  • The ability to make exclusive stations
  • Can add comedians
  • Ads
  • Poor variety
  • Radio times out when left inactive
  • Slacker portable is just lame
  • Premium features are constantly dangled in front of you, why don't you understand that not wanting to pay for radio doesn't make me cheap!
Now on to Pandora

  • No audio ads
  • Simple intuitive navigation
  • Station sharing with friends and messaging (I know it's a marketing ploy, I don't care)
  • Approval and disapproval of songs
  • Snooze option allows you to disable a song for a month, I really like this feature
  • The Human Music Genome Project really does learn what you like and ends up playing some great music as a result
  • The ability to purchase songs or albums on iTunes or Amazon
  • Can't ban artists, only songs
  • Can't build exclusive stations that ONLY play a limited number of artists
  • Also times out after a span of inactivity
I'm very pleased with it, there have been several times where it plays a song and my reaction is, "I LOVE this song, and I totally forgot that it existed!"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jeopardy Answer

Jeopardy Question Answer of the Day: A group of this bird is commonly referred to as a "Rafter".

If you know the question, write it in the comments below!

Monday, May 26, 2008

High Gas Prices

So gas prices around me are $4.10 a gallon this Memorial weekend (gouging?), and that really sucks, or so I thought initially.

Since the gas prices have skyrocketed, I've really started to become more energy conscious, I haven't bought a hybrid or started using a cloth shopping bag, but I've done other things. I have started asking for paper bags instead of plastic at the grocery store, shutting off lights in the house, and I bought a Honda Civic; gas mileage was a big part of that decision.

I don't think we should all become tree hugging hippies, but managing our resources responsibly isn't something that hippies have exclusive rights on. Our "Carbon Footprint" is kind of a buzz-phrase right now, but as much as we would like to think so, it's not our right as Americans to drive civilian tanks (big SUV's) for no other purpose than transporting people from point A to point B. I'm not against trucks, they serve a vital role in our economy, when actually used for their purpose (to haul stuff).

My point to this post? Don't be wasteful! Or at least recognize that maybe instead of relying on engineers to discover some alternative energy source to solve all our problems and continue to be irresponsible, ride a bike to work, carpool, do something to save oil.

Why oil and not energy? Oil is not renewable, and its products aren't biodegradable (plastic), you can grow more trees, but you can't make more oil in our lifetime.

Another obvious benefit to not burning so much oil? Pollution, I really hate blowing my nose at the end of the day and it being black from all the pollution. (Like when I was in Beijing, but that's a whole other story.)

Don't be wasteful, figure out something in your life that you can change to use less oil.

Gas Prices in England. (Just some reassuring information that life in America ain't so bad.)

Friday, May 23, 2008

You've Got (Space) Mail!

I recently read about "Interplanetary IP Communication", or the internet in space, on Google's Blog, and interestingly enough, there's already something similar occurring with NASA and their Mars Rover program. Instead of WWW (World Wide Web), NASA has a interplanetary network called the Deep Space Network (think there's a Not so catchy.) The DSN uses several receivers/transmitters that are on and orbiting the Earth and Mars (and a research ship inbetween).

Initial Reaction: Screw Space Internet and get that World-Wide Wifi up and running!

Informed Reaction: Turns out the research involved is expected to have commercial/terrestrial spin-offs. Sweet.

For more information, check out's article.


Check out this post from Science Blogs about things found in people's heads, most of which were self inflicted, that's right, the one above wasn't an accident. The man hammered the nails into his own head over the span of 3 months, and consciously went to the hospital after that big nail started to hurt a little.... can you say crazy?

Cruising Starfish

This time lapse video of starfish "walking" is really neat, they just look like they're gliding.(I don't know what that stuff is in the first 15 secs).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sony Vaio VGN-FE550 Review

I bought this a few months ago for just over $400 used (not bad seeing as it retailed for ~$1700 just 2 years ago)


  • Large Vibrant Screen
  • Core Duo Processor handles nearly all tasks with ease
  • Upgradeable Ram and Hard drive
  • Video Camera
  • Good size to power ratio
  • Integrated Video Card (can't upgrade)
  • Clasp that holds laptop shut doesn't automatically retract, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to being broken off.
  • Video Camera is of poor quality, the voice doesn't sync up with video, and there's no included software to record video (except Windows Movie Maker, which kinda sucks).
  • Comes loaded with Windows XP Media Center Edition, which is useless.


Overall I'm very pleased with this machine, I've read alot about bad battery life, but even after 2 years mine gets around 2.5 hrs, which isn't bad considering the duo core processor and the large, bright screen. I'm disappointed it can't handle any serious games, and since the video card is integrated, that can't be remedied. If you want to browse, watch video, multi-task or even run memory intensive programs like Photoshop or Premiere, then this is your machine.

If you enjoyed this review, be sure to check out my other reviews.

Here are the specs, I copied them from CNET in case the page goes down. Hopefully their lawyers won't come after me.

General Specifications

Platform Technology
Intel Centrino Duo
System Type
Built-in Devices
Stereo speakers, Wireless LAN antenna
14.4 in
10.8 in
1.4 in
6.2 lbs
Notebook type
Mid-size laptops (6-7.5 lbs.)
Screen type
Wireless capabilities
802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g


Intel Core Duo T2300 / 1.66 GHz
Multi-Core processor technology
Data bus speed
667 MHz
Processor features
Enhanced SpeedStep technology, Execute Disable Bit capability
Chipset type
Mobile Intel 945GM Express

Cache Memory

L2 cache
Cache size
2 MB


Installed Size
1 GB / 2 GB (max)
Memory specification compliance
RAM configuration features
2 x 512 MB


Floppy Drive
Hard Drive
100 GB - Serial ATA-150 - 4200 rpm
Hard drive type

Optical Storage

DVD±RW (+R DL) - Integrated

Card Reader

Card reader type
Card reader
Supported flash memory cards
Memory Stick Duo


Display Type
15.4 in TFT active matrix
Max Resolution
1280 x 800 ( WXGA )
Widescreen Display


Graphics Processor / Vendor
Intel GMA 950
Video Memory
Dynamic Video Memory Technology 3.0


Audio output type
Sound card
Audio Input

Notebook Camera

Camera Type

Input Device(s)

Input device type
Keyboard, Touchpad
Keyboard localization and layout


Fax / modem
Protocols & Specifications
ITU V.90


Network adapter
Networking / Wireless LAN Supported
Wireless NIC
Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
Data link protocol
Ethernet, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, Fast Ethernet
Networking standards
IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g

Expansion / Connectivity

Expansion Bays
Expansion Slots Total (Free)
2 ( 1 ) x Memory
1 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire) - 4 pin FireWire, 1 x Docking / port replicator, 1 x Headphones - Output - Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm, 1 x Microphone - Input - Mini-phone 3.5 mm, 1 x Modem - Phone line - RJ-11, 1 x Network - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX - RJ-45, 3 x Hi-Speed USB - 4 pin USB Type A, 1 x Display / video - VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)


Power device form factor


Lithium ion
Installed Qty
Mfr estimated battery life
3.5 hour(s)

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & support type
1 year warranty
Service & Support Details
Limited warranty - Parts and labor - 1 year - On-site, Technical support - Phone consulting - 1 year, Product info support - Web support

Operating System / Software

OS Provided
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
VAIO Media, VAIO Update, Sony SonicStage, Sony DVgate Plus, InterVideo WinDVD, Sony Click to DVD, Sony Image Converter, VAIO Recovery Wizard, VAIO Security Center, VAIO Support Central, Roxio DigitalMedia SE, AOL Online (180 days trial), Microsoft Works 8.5 (Trial), Quicken 2005 New User Edition, Sony SonicStage Mastering Studio, Norton Internet Security (60 days subscription), Microsoft Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition (Trial)

Bobcat Xgames

Check out this video of a skidsteer loading itself onto the back of a truck, just him balancing it on two wheels is amazing!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Amazing Volcano Photos

Here are a few photographs of the Chaiten volcano erupting in southern Chile,

Lightning in the dust plume

This photo is surreal, it almost looks photoshopped.

To see some more awesome shots, check out the full article at Mail Online.

Batman bin Suparman

That is a person's name, he is from Singapore. Check out this article from neatorama for other crazy names people have been given. (For example: Urhines Kendall Icy Eight Special K, what were they thinking?!?).

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stupid Facebook in Real Life

This Tuesday's Stupid Video features a funny skit from the guys at idiotsofants about what life would be like if we approached it the same way we do on Facebook.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Chicken Fried Rice

I'm on a diet, so of course I want everyone else to eat healthy too, here's something I scrapped together today, and was surprised at how good it was.

Healthy, Quick, Chicken Fried Rice

Makes 1 serving.

  • 4 oz. skinless chicken breast (cooked)
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1/2 cup instant brown rice
  • 1/4 cup fresh, clean, sliced mushrooms
  • 1/4 cup fresh, diced onion
  • 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • fresh ground pepper to taste
  • salt to taste (omit salt for low sodium diets)

While the rice is cooking in the microwave, slice up the chicken, mushrooms and onions. In a hot skillet combine and stir everything together and cook on med-high until the pieces of egg are browned.
Total Prep Time: ~15 mins (if chicken is already cooked)

Nutritional Information
  • Calories: 470
  • Fat: 23.8 g (mostly from olive oil)
  • Carbohydrates: 38 g
  • Protein: 32.5 g
  • Sodium: 225 mg (amount w/o added salt)
I think it would be good to add some soy sauce as far as taste goes, be careful though, soy sauce has a ton of sodium. Some peas and corn would also be good in it, and they add a fairly insignificant amount of carbs, but the more you add, the more time it takes, and I like quick meals.

Overall I'm happy with how balanced this meal is, and how quickly I was able to prepare it (the 15 mins was rounded up), when I made it I added a little extra rice for more carbs and some salt, this was my post workout meal so I could afford it. One last thing, the veggies weren't really measured, the amounts above are just approximations, add as many veggies as you like.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicles is back for a second season!

That's right, Fox announced today that the hit show will be back for a 2nd season in the Fall, hooray!

Here's a link to Fox's fall lineup, thankfully they've canned some boring shows like New Amsterdam and Canterbury's Law, but have kept House, Family Guy (of course), and American Dad (which are some of my favorite shows).

Photo Google Maps

I was looking up places to go on a road trip and noticed Google Maps has a new feature.

As you can see, if you select 'Photos' under the new 'More' button, little thumbnails pop up all over your map, with photos of those places that are submitted by users, pretty cool! Makes me want to post some photos so my name is on Google Maps.

Also, there's a Wikipedia option, and when selected the signiature Wikipedia 'W' shows up all over with information about the different noteworthy places.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Whoa, settle down Hillary!

Remember the Scary Hillary Clinton Video I made a while back?

I found another picture that should be included:

I guess that's why politicians aren't movie stars (movie stars can be politicians though...)

Found it in this article about Hillary beating Obama in the West Virginia primaries.

Global Warming?

I stumbled upon this while checking the weather to see if I can ride my bike to work in the morning.

If so many people don't believe in the hype myth theory of Global Warming, why does the media continue to shove it down our throats as undeniable truth?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Goodbye Jar Jar

Stupid Star Wars Video Tuesday! (Sorry it's a little late, long day)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New States added to the Union

Obama recently visited all 57 states, now that's some impressive campaigning!

Thanks to Stop the ACLU

Jay Leno's Best Newspaper Clippings

This compilation is really funny, I've always liked that portion of the show.

Best of.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Little Baby Democrats

I thought this video summed up the current democratic race for the nomination pretty well, (and it's cute).

I'm with the baby brother =)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

South Park Stupid Video

This Tuesday's Stupid Video is a South Park clip ABOUT stupid videos, and I'm pleased to say that the Stupid Panda Video from last week was included! (0:33)

(Just a warning to our sensitive Squared-Fans, the end gets a little messy, you may want to stop viewing about halfway through.)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Three Hulls of Fury

USS Independence in a drydock.

I stumbled upon this photo while browsing through Google Reader and it stopped me in my tracks, pretty bad@ss! (It looks even more bad@ass if you click to enlarge)

That is a photo of the USS Independence LCS-2, it's the flagship for the U.S. Navy's new Littoral Combat Ships (I didn't know what littoral meant either, it basically means 'close to shore'). It's a little over 400ft in length and is designed for special mission use. Unfortunately it doesn't have Destroyer Class amount of firepower, it's geared towards defense, but it's still impressive, and its trimaran design is very striking.

Here's a few more photos.

At Night.

In Water (well, almost)

The ship has a missile launcher, machine gun, torpedoes, and loads of cool defensive measures, but I'm disappointed that the gun you see mounted on the front isn't a Phalanx.

This guy (the Phalanx) is basically the last round of defense against missiles. It uses good ol' American brute force, it's self tracking/targeting and can pump out 4,500 rounds per minute (75 rnds per second) of 20mm armor piercing tungsten or depleted uranium core kinetic energy projectiles (that's nerd for bullets)...

Counter Protesting

Sorry about the language, but this was pretty funny.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Game is On

This week a group of hackers were able to break Google's Captcha security measure, and back in January they cracked Yahoo's.

For those of you who don't know what Captcha is, it's those impossible to read, fuzzy, jumbled letters and numbers that you have to enter as extra security. The significance of this? Now spammers can automatically sign up for email accounts to spam you with.

CAPTCHA is an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". It was developed to do just that, distinguish between computers and humans based on the fact that we as humans have enough intelligence to figure out what those letters and numbers in the image are, and repeat them.

So my first reaction? Great, more spam. But after thinking about it, I believe this battle between network security and hackers will eventually spawn AI (Artificial Intelligence). As security relies more and more on logic and human intelligence to distinguish between bots and humans, hackers will continue to increase their bots' ability to mimic human intelligence. This 'One-Upping' will eventually lead to the spawning of computer AI and the end of the world! Ok, so maybe the apocalypse is a bit much (I've watched too many Terminator movies). But with greed as the primary motivation, I think hackers are capable of quite a bit.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Synchronized Metronomes

I've no idea the significance of this, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Pyro from Xmen..... almost

"The very existence of flamethrowers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, "You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done."
-George Carlin

This guy is just asking for trouble.

I wouldn't leave a comment saying he's gonna burn his face off, just his hand and most of his arm....

I can't dis him too much though, I have this faint memory of nearly burning down my garage as a result of a failed flamethrower project when I was a kid....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vitres Cassees! Stick Figures del Muerte

The Flickr "Stick Figures in Peril" group is a collection of those poor little stick people in precarious situations, often sacrificing their well being for the general safety of the masses.

Here are a few of my favorites.

"We are the Borg. Resistance is futile"

Curious as to what words of wisdom this guy would like to relay.

Greenhouse Gardeners beware of falling vector graphics?

To the slideshow!

Panda Allergies

Stupid Video Tuesday strikes again!
I do it for you, squared-fans.

I love how startled mom panda looks.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy Light-Switch Rave

I've told several people about this now, and since this blog is a medium that allows me to express and log my interests, here it goes.

You can now sync Google Calendar with Outlook, and better yet, you can choose what syncs with what. Explanation: Say you have Outlook at work, and want to be able to see if you have a meeting the next morning, but don't want people at work to know about your crazy party this weekend. So you can simply do a 1-way sync that allows you to see your Outlook schedule on Google Calendar, but keeps your super crazy light-switch rave party (that is on Google Calendar) completely confidential.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Guns Make America Safe

(This photo has very little to do with the actual subject matter, I just love pandas)

Here's a great article from BBC, finally something pro-american that was written by a European. The article discusses the paradox between the low crime levels despite ~200 million guns in circulation, and it's from the perspective of British Americans and tourists.

(yay guns!)
Why is it then that so many Americans - and foreigners who come here - feel that the place is so, well, safe?

A British man I met in Colorado recently told me he used to live in Kent but he moved to the American state of New Jersey and will not go home because it is, as he put it, "a gentler environment for bringing the kids up."

This is New Jersey. Home of the Sopranos.

Brits arriving in New York, hoping to avoid being slaughtered on day one of their shopping mission to Manhattan are, by day two, beginning to wonder what all the fuss was about. By day three they have had had the scales lifted from their eyes.

I have met incredulous British tourists who have been shocked to the core by the peacefulness of the place, the lack of the violent undercurrent so ubiquitous in British cities, even British market towns.

"It seems so nice here," they quaver. […]

Wait till you get to London Texas, or Glasgow Montana, or Oxford Mississippi or Virgin Utah, for that matter, where every household is required by local ordinance to possess a gun.

Folks will have guns in all of these places and if you break into their homes they will probably kill you. They will occasionally kill each other in anger or by mistake, but you never feel as unsafe as you can feel in south London.

It is a paradox. Along with the guns there is a tranquillity and civility about American life of which most British people can only dream.

Full Article
Thanks to Neatorama
(Wikipedia article I wrote about a gun I own from way back in the day.)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


This communicates my feelings regarding weddings much more eloquently than I am able to.

Adsense Part Deuce

I really need to be careful of what I post about...

Presidential Gray Hair

I'm on a picture fix, check it.

Presidential Candidates after 4 years.

Bush receives a lot of criticism for his many vacations and him (supposedly) not doing anything. Being the President of the United States is stressful and a lot of work, and I think this photoshop job is just more evidence of this (ok, not evidence really, but an accepted perception of what being president does to you).

Want to see 7 before and after pics of presidents? Link.

Pixel Art

Gotta dig pixel art. Link

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Three Floyds Brewpub Closing?

Now for some extremely local news.

I heard a rumor that 3 Floyds Brewpub, my favorite brewpub, was going to close due to the hops shortage. Well I'm happy to announce this as false, I talked with a server tonight and she assured me (with a laugh and a roll of her eyes) that their doors are staying open.

High (Set Phasers to Stun) Noon

Stupid Video Tuesday!

This one isn't as stupid as previous videos, but it still qualifies.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stop Global Warming, cool the outdoors.


What you're looking at is an outdoor air conditioning unit. I have so very much to say about this.... it's so stupid!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bark for Skin

This man has warts all over his body that look similar to bark or trees, (hence his nickname "Tree Man"). He's from Java, Indonesia, and he's getting treatment for it. I might be a little behind on this story, but maybe you are too. (Alert, this story requires the Weak Stomach Warning)

(By the way, this is my 100th post, w00t!)

WWII Naval Mine !BOOM!

This is what a naval mine from WWII can do.
It was found off the coast of England, so they decided the best way to get rid of it was to set it off. This picture was taken from the beach. Pretty Cool.

Thanks to Gizmodo

Friday, April 18, 2008

LogMeIn Review

Want to control and access your home computer from any PC with an internet connection?

I just downloaded and installed LogMeIn on my home desktop so I can control it using my laptop, from work, and from school. It allows you to access files and run software off the host computer, while not using any of the resources from your accessing computer.


  1. I can start a download at home while at work or school.
  2. I can access software that's only on my desktop.
  3. I can control music and movies without having to get up =)
  4. The ability to access all of my documents anywhere.
  5. You can set it up on your parents' computer so you can fix their problems without trying to guide them step-by-step over the phone. =)
  1. Not much, it's reliable and free.
  2. You might scare someone when your home computer's mouse starts magically moving on it's own.
  3. [edit 1] The 'Sync Clipboard' feature doesn't seem to work properly, which makes it slightly more difficult to transfer files, this could be due to some security settings on one of my computers though. [edit 2] The Sync Clipboard only works with the Pro Version, which you're allowed to use for the first 9 hours or something, and then it switches to the free version, which doesn't have that feature, so it only seems like it's not working properly, but it's supposed to be like that unless you upgrade.
LogMeIn Download Site
LogMeIn Product Site

Poor Adsense

Sometimes I feel bad for the AdSense Bot.
He has to search through this jumbled mess of topics on a dynamic front page, it's really tough for him to produce relevant ads (you know, those annoying links on the left, that when clicked, allow my seven illegitimate children to eat this week.)

He did well earlier this week, after my post about that geek t-shirt, there were promptly ads about geek t-shirts, so he gets some props there. But most of the time they're about Ketchup or meeting singles (do I come across as a desperate single man who loves ketchup?).

So what is my point? This post doesn't meet my criteria of useful or entertaining, so once again I'll compensate by distracting all you Squared-Fans by a stupid animal video! This time you'll be entertained by synchronized dancing, Michael Jackson, and a Walrus.


These Legs are Made for Walking

I know for a fact I would have stopped and checked this out (unlike all these people that just keep on walking). Sure, you normally see homeless people pushing shopping carts, but half of one? That starts on fire?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hackers Love Chocolate

"According to the survey, 45% of women were quite happy to give strangers, posing as market researchers, their email password, in return for a chocolate bar, as opposed to only 10% of men."

I agree with The Inquirer, they should level the playing field by offering beer next time.

China Outsources to Egypt

A handset maker is outsourcing to Egypt, I guess now China finally gets a taste of it's own medicine. Full Story.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Geek T-shirt

Let's see if anyone gets this (no, not just solving the integral), I was proud of my nerd-ability to figure it out right away (well, with help of my trusty TI-89).

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Wii Pee!

It's Tuesday, so of course it's time again for Stupid Video Tuesday!

Today's video is brought to you by Japan, they're into some crazy sh[edit]t over there.
Enjoy Square Fans.

"Holster" for Wii-mote: $35
Super Pii Pii Video Game: $50
Girls being able to experience peeing whilst standing up: Priceless.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Star Wars Fan Build

Incredibly detailed Fan-built Destroyer

I'm not really a big Star Wars fan, I mean I enjoyed the first three, er, last three, uh, the ones from the 70's. But I really appreciate the detail and time/dedication that went into this build.

Check out the Builder's Website for some great photos (I love the fiber optics).

Thanks to Neatorama

Statue of Liberty by 18,000 Men

(Click to Enlarge)
Statue of Liberty composed of 18,000 U.S. Soldiers

This was part of a promotional campaign to sell war bonds during WWI. It was taken in July on a day where the temperature reached 105 deg F! Many men fainted because they were wearing woolen uniforms, and to add insult to injury, the photo was never used for the ad campaign!

Interesting fact: Because of the angle and position of the camera, twice as many men were needed in the flame of the torch than the rest of the design.

It looked fake to me, so I checked it out on Snopes before posting and it was legit.

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News Reporters Eat it

I think someone should call an ambulance, pretty sure that woman from the early 90's is dead (00:21).

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Search Operators Help Modify your Results

Here's some tips to make your search more effective, hopefully these will help you find what you're looking for.

If there's a word you DON'T want to show up when you search, simply enter '-' followed by your search term. For example, you're searching for Hillary, but Cankles keeps coming up, simply enter this query: Hillary -Cankles. And your search will not return results that include 'Cankles'.

Return as Specified
This operator is especially useful when searching for a person (or stalking said person). Simply surround your query in quotes and it will only return sites that include your search phrase exactly how you entered it. When not in quotes, your search will return sites including whatever terms you've entered, just not in any particular order.
Example, "Nicholas Kamm"

If you need the definition of a word or term, simply preface it with 'Define: '
Example, Define: Ankle (Cankle isn't a real word, it didn't return anything... Darnit!)

Have a website, blog, myspace, or any web address that you call your own? Find out if any other websites are linking your site by prefixing your address with 'Link:'

These aren't all of the operators, just the ones I find most useful, to see all of them see Advanced Google Search Operators. If you don't consider yourself savvy enough to use these operators, simply use Advanced Search, and it will walk you through the process.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Google Library Review

So I think I'm going to read some Thomas Hobbes and John Locke (Yes, Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes, and John Locke from Lost).

I was made aware of them during my Political Science class, and seeing as they're the fathers of western political philosophy, I thought it'd be good to read their stuff.

So my search started with Amazon, but I quickly remembered that Google has digitized loads of books (especially old books), so I headed over to Google Book Search, quickly found what I was looking for, and added my selections to 'My Library'.

After all of this I started reading through the books and was very impressed, all of the chapters had links from the table of contents, and it seemed very easy to navigate. Google has options to review, tag, add labels, and add notes; this was great.

Well I started reading the first few pages of the book, and I continued to think everything was great, until I decided I was finished reading for the day, and started looking for a bookmark feature, something to mark where I left off so I didn't have to remember the page number or something silly like that. I mean come on, it's Google, the Grand Master of remembering things so you don't have to. But I couldn't find it!

There is no feature to bookmark, mark, tag, remember, anything! (Unless I'm an idiot and simply can't see it!) I really think there should be something to mark where you left off, so when you want to keep reading you can simply continue where you left off, seems reasonable right?.

Allows you to read books for free
Table of Contents has links to chapters
Google is digitizing the classics.
RSS feeds of your library.

No bookmarks!

I still recommend Google Library, because I think it's great they're converting classics into electronic copies, which doesn't undergo yellowing due to oxidation like lignin-based paper does.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Government is Hip with the Kids and their Texting

OMG, this story is ROFLMAO funny. Ok, maybe not, but I think it's a pretty good idea nonetheless.

The FCC just approved a plan to send nationwide emergency text message alerts. Cell phone providers will have the choice to opt in the service, which I'm sure most will do. You think it will add an additional fee similar to 911 tax?

According to CNN, the text messages will send out information concerning:

  • A disaster that could jeopardize the health and safety of Americans, such as a terrorist attack; these would trigger a national alert from the president of the United States
  • Imminent or ongoing threats such as hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes
  • Child abductions or Amber alerts.
  • Wait a minute, earthquakes?! Tornadoes, hurricanes, sure.... What good is a text message going to do you when your house is shaking and you're diving under the kitchen table?

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    Plantable Greeting Cards

    The paper has seeds in it, in this case wildflowers, and when you're done with the card (which for me is as soon as I've shaken the cash out of it) you can plant it and grow flowers! There are greeting cards, wedding cards, birthday cards etc... I thought this was pretty neat.

    A site that sells wildflower cards.

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    Kick in their Baby Teeth


    Unfortunately you don't actually get to fight the little buggers, you answer a series of questions, it's fun nonetheless, I think my 'lack of moral compass' brought my score up quite a bit, but if it's between my life and roundhouse kicking a little kid to the face.... Well I think we all know my choice.

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    Wednesday, April 9, 2008

    Harlem Globetrotters of Soccer (Futbol)

    I love when the cop comes, takes their soccer ball, and yells at them, but he can't do anything because they're on the roof!

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    "The Pentagon will issue hand-held lie detectors this month to U.S. Army soldiers in Afghanistan." They will be using the devices to interrogate anyone they feel is a suspect, including interpreters and police officers. They are already being tried out in Iraq.

    I like gadgets, so at first I was all for it, but then I read some comments on Defense Tech and I second guessed its usefulness. Here's a comment by someone claiming a polygraph machine pretty much ruined his career.

    While I can seriously appreciate the Army’s desire for this device, there is a basic point which need to be clarified:
    A polygraph is not a lie detector! It is a physical response detector, a conscience detector.

    Some of our nations worst spys passed annual counter-intelligence polygraphs. Some serial murders have also passed polygraphs.

    A polygraph is only 86% correct in the hands of a competent polygrapher. This means that every time you take a polygraph you are playing “russian roulette” with a seven-round revolver. If your career is on the line, there is a one in seven chance of shooting your career in the head.

    Ask me. I know. After five sets of “inconclusive,” my clearance was taken and my career destroyed.

    Polygraphs sound wonderful until your the one being called a liar when you are not. And, how can you defend yourself when “the machine” calls you a liar?

    Former CTR1(SW)
    If it gives our troops a pretty good idea of who's lying, it's good, right?

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    In Question

    Apparently Google thinks I'm g@y (I don't want to spell it out, because when Google crawls my page again, it will give me more ads like that!). Another smack in the face by Google.

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    Tuesday, April 8, 2008

    Here's Looking at you, Kid.

    I was just about to retire to bed before this caught my eye. This little girl was born with two faces and "is being worshipped as the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess". I guess extreme deformations are more deistic (is that a word?).

    According to CNN, she uses both mouths, noses, and all four eyes blink at the same time.

    She's gonna need a wicked pair, uh... double-hybrid-pair of sunglasses.

    (Did you see that rating on the top right? That's from a Professional Editor, baby! I'm guessing in this case 'professional' has a definition closer to 'some guy stuck in a cubicle wishing he'd done more with his life'. "Great, another crappy blog -throws dart- 7.7 it is.")

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    Stupid Video Tuesday Inauguration

    So I'm thinking about starting a New Feature, Stupid Video Tuesday! Yes, the videos you love to hate, but for some reason you continue to watch.

    So here it is Square-Fans, a math-themed parody of Fergie, (you're welcome).

    (Thanks to )

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    Beaten to the Punch

    I was very excited to see that Google released Google App Engine, which they claim is to web applications as Blogger is to blogging.

    So I immediately clicked to sign up, but it brought me to this page:

    Apparently it's only open to the first 10,000 subscribers, and I tried to sign up 9 hours after the release.

    I'll teach them to snub me, I won't join the waiting list, that'll show them. Stupid F#&$n Google, they think they can do whatever they want, screwing the little guys.

    [5 mins later...]

    So now I'm on the waiting list, and you should join too! (Yes Google, I'm your bi [edit] ch.)

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    Monday, April 7, 2008

    Stolis all around, boys


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    Chopsticks = Canoe (I'm good at Math)

    (My photoshop skills often leave me with a sense of accomplishment.)

    I had to give props to this guy, who built this canoe out of 7,382 disposable wooden chopsticks that he collected over the span of 2 years from his office cafeteria.

    Way to recycle/stick it to the man.

    Wait a minute, hold up, that math doesn't add up.

    2yrs x 50 work weeks x 5 workdays a week x 2 meals a day (being generous) x 2 chopsticks per meal = 2000 Chopsticks.

    Very interesting, very interesting indeed.... Any ideas on where the extra 5,382 chopsticks came from?

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