Friday, April 18, 2008

LogMeIn Review

Want to control and access your home computer from any PC with an internet connection?

I just downloaded and installed LogMeIn on my home desktop so I can control it using my laptop, from work, and from school. It allows you to access files and run software off the host computer, while not using any of the resources from your accessing computer.


  1. I can start a download at home while at work or school.
  2. I can access software that's only on my desktop.
  3. I can control music and movies without having to get up =)
  4. The ability to access all of my documents anywhere.
  5. You can set it up on your parents' computer so you can fix their problems without trying to guide them step-by-step over the phone. =)
  1. Not much, it's reliable and free.
  2. You might scare someone when your home computer's mouse starts magically moving on it's own.
  3. [edit 1] The 'Sync Clipboard' feature doesn't seem to work properly, which makes it slightly more difficult to transfer files, this could be due to some security settings on one of my computers though. [edit 2] The Sync Clipboard only works with the Pro Version, which you're allowed to use for the first 9 hours or something, and then it switches to the free version, which doesn't have that feature, so it only seems like it's not working properly, but it's supposed to be like that unless you upgrade.
LogMeIn Download Site
LogMeIn Product Site

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