Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Seatbelt Required

Remember spending countless hours sitting on the living room floor playing with those toy steering wheels as a kid? Been wondering what you're gonna do with those old car seats you have lying around? Well, now your fascination with automobiles and sitting on your butt will pay off.

The next best thing to a La-Z-Boy, why not a sleek and economical car seat desk chair? Check out WikiHow’s article on How to Make a Desk Chair out of a Car Seat. For many of us, the most comfortable chair we sit in every day is in our car. Makes sense, they’re designed to minimize fatigue and seat one comfortably for extended periods of time.I bet you could even get a seat with heat and massage, maybe convert it to plug it into your PC's USB drive. Nice!

Now if you feel that this extremely thrifty and versatile project does not compliment your d├ęcor, consider making a slipcover out of some leftover fabric or decorate with wooden bead mats. Not only will you get the satisfaction of reducing waste by recycling old junk into a new functional piece, but you’ll be pleased that it reflects your personal style.

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