Thursday, April 3, 2008


What is this blog about anyway?

I've been trying to wrestle down a category for this blog lately, (my frustration was expressed in my "Discovering Your Inner Blog" post.) Well I think I'll take another stab at it today, more likely to satisfy my interests than yours, but here it goes anyways.

A brief History of 47Squared (skip down to the next list if you're already bored at this point):

  1. I started this blog way back in 2004, and if you take a look at the archives (on the right), you'll see that this started out as an attempt to express myself, aimed mostly at my close friends, most of the posts weren't very meaningful if you didn't know me.
  2. Short, intermittent attempts at jump starting regular posting occurred, still focusing on myself and personal discoveries/statements.
  3. On my third revival the first 2 posts still reflected the personal blog approach, but with a fresh name change (it used to be call "The Purpose of Life and Coexistence w/Herbal Tea, yeah I know, I thought it was clever at the time), and a soon to follow, much needed template revamp, it quickly evolved into my posting on random topics. I like to refer to it as the "Seinfeld Doctrine", a blog about nothing (and everything).

So hopefully you skipped past all that crap (blogging baggage, it's annoying isn't it?), and want to find out what this blog is about currently. Well here's the best I came up with:

This has evolved into an experiment, and with any experiment you have an objective and a set of results. So here are 3 objectives and their corresponding results that I'm seeking. (I'm an engineering student, this is how I view life alright?)
  1. To discover how many people find what I have to say interesting enough to keep reading. (i.e., subscribers)
  2. To keep a log over time and observe how my content shifts, how will my interests evolve with time?
  3. And finally, the biggest motivator of them all, money. I've started experimenting with Adsense, and I hope to get to the point where it can pay my monthly internet bill ($30 a month is a modest goal, right?). I've always hated annoying ads, so rest assured, the only ads will be nice, quiet little text ads that are out of the way.
So hopefully my third objective won't cause you to lose faith in me, (I doubt the $1.50 a month I am currently making will cause me to sellout and post crappy content anytime soon... wait, I'm giving myself too much credit....)

So if you like what you read, subscribe, keep reading, and we'll see what happens next.

(P.S. I hope you didn't expect me to actually reveal how I came up with the name 47Squared!)

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