Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Favorite Youtube Videos

Here are two of my favorite Youtube videos, in the first, a guy named Noah takes a photo of himself for (supposedly) 6 years, and I don't know what it is about the video, maybe it's just the intriguing music, but it kept my attention through all 6 minutes. Apparently it has kept the attention of nearly 9 million other people too.

The second video is of a guy named Matt and is aptly named "Where the Hell is Matt?". In the video Matt dances a silly jig in famous sites all over the world. I dug deeper into the story and found out he took off 6 months and traveled all over because he was bored of working the normal 9 to 5. He received so much attention from his video, that he got sponsored and is on his second tour to make another video.

I must admit, I am very jealous.

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Elysa said...

I love "where the hell is Matt?"! I'm also quite certain that we have walked on that section of the great wall that he danced on!