Monday, April 7, 2008

Chopsticks = Canoe (I'm good at Math)

(My photoshop skills often leave me with a sense of accomplishment.)

I had to give props to this guy, who built this canoe out of 7,382 disposable wooden chopsticks that he collected over the span of 2 years from his office cafeteria.

Way to recycle/stick it to the man.

Wait a minute, hold up, that math doesn't add up.

2yrs x 50 work weeks x 5 workdays a week x 2 meals a day (being generous) x 2 chopsticks per meal = 2000 Chopsticks.

Very interesting, very interesting indeed.... Any ideas on where the extra 5,382 chopsticks came from?

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1 comment:

Adelaide said...

That pics is nuts.

Mike Birbigs ownz me. You guyz should come with us guyz.

And we can shank hobos and stuff too.