Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm Not an Adult!

A new ringtone that adults can't hear came out on the market recently, a favorite amongst teens in school for sure. The ringtone is played at 17KHz and relies on the fact that most adults have lost the ability to hear frequencies that high. It sounds like a high-pitched buzzing noise (dubbed the 'Mosquito' ringtone) that rivals nails on a chalkboard with its irritability factor.

While I'm sure teens see this as a way to dodge old geezer-type authority figures, I saw it as a test. Now I can determine whether or not I've reached adulthood! So of course I quickly downloaded a sample of it to see whether or not I'm truly an old man (at age 23), and I was pleasantly surprised to find out I could hear it, even though just barely. I'll have to dig up some higher quality speakers to see if I can hear it better.

Test your hearing and download sample mosquito ringtone audio (use the .wav, it's higher quality than the .mp3, oh and be careful if you are younger, it kinda hurts to listen to)

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melanie said...

Is that for real?! I totally heard nothing... at all. :( I am old.

Nicholas Kamm said...

It's all that Journey you listen to, it'll rot your eardrums.