Friday, April 18, 2008

Poor Adsense

Sometimes I feel bad for the AdSense Bot.
He has to search through this jumbled mess of topics on a dynamic front page, it's really tough for him to produce relevant ads (you know, those annoying links on the left, that when clicked, allow my seven illegitimate children to eat this week.)

He did well earlier this week, after my post about that geek t-shirt, there were promptly ads about geek t-shirts, so he gets some props there. But most of the time they're about Ketchup or meeting singles (do I come across as a desperate single man who loves ketchup?).

So what is my point? This post doesn't meet my criteria of useful or entertaining, so once again I'll compensate by distracting all you Squared-Fans by a stupid animal video! This time you'll be entertained by synchronized dancing, Michael Jackson, and a Walrus.


1 comment:

Elysa said...

You do love ketchup.