Monday, March 31, 2008

Cuba = 1 divided by USA

So it seems to me like Cuba is the Inverse of America.

In the latest move by Fidel's little brother, Cuban citizens may now stay in hotels that were previously only open to tourists. A few days ago they got cell phones, and a few weeks ago they got microwaves, computers, and dvd players.

Let me unpack my first statement, you see when America was a young nation, we had places like the wild west, and there weren't many laws or restrictions (kind of like Montana still is...), and then slowly we acquired more and more laws, statutes, restrictions, etc. to the point where you need 8 years of schooling just understand the laws, in one state!

Now consider the last few decades in Cuba, they weren't allowed anything, I mean come on, banning microwaves? But now they are starting to receive some of the most basic of freedoms. They initially had no freedom, but are slowly being allowed more. And I hope they continue to move away from communism so we can add Cuba to our list of spring break party countries.


Milko said...

good observation
Patriot Act FTL

Marc Masferrer said...

As long as raúl castro is dictator, there will be no room at tourist hotels for these Cubans.