Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vincent VanElephant

Ok, so I'm really not into animals or anything... you will never catch me watching Animal Planet or carrying a miniature schnauzer around in my purse. I just thought this was amazing...

So, from what I've read, about 10 years ago a couple of artists and an "elephant expert" started an
academy to teach retired elephants how to paint. Retired from what, I don't really know... I mean honestly, they're elephants. Anyway, these elephants can paint shapes, objects, or even themselves. I guess they're extremely smart- their brains are almost 4 times the size of ours so I suppose they would be. Whatever. I'll hold to my theory that an elephant still can't pass Thermodynamics with a better grade than me.

And to top it all off, they make music and can use tools! Hmm... I wonder if they can learn how to use a bench grinder...

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1 comment:

Elysa said...

So I mentioned this to my art instructor and she freaked out. She said, "Oh my god! I love those painting elephants!" Then she delved into a long-winded explanation of how dolphins are as smart as humans. Apparently when you look into the eyes of a bottle-nosed dolphin, it's like looking into their very soul. Or something.