Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicles Second Season?

Will the Terminator 2.5 tv show be up for a 2nd season? According to Fox we won't know until May. [edit] the verdict has since been returned, it will be back! Check out my latest post about its return [/edit] If you haven't seen the 1st season (especially the finale) you can check out the last 6 episodes on Fox On Demand [edit] this has been disabled, see below for list of sites to watch videos [/edit], and for the first few, a search on google returns some promising results, but I didn't find anything fantastic (or legal).

So how long do you think it will be before the Governator makes a cameo on the show?

[edit] If you want to do your part to procure a second season, head over to the Official Terminator Site and subscribe to their newsletter (or subscribe to my blog, I'll be announcing Fox's decision as soon as it's released) to show your support, or you can head over to the fan created wiki and post on Speak up for Season 2, hopefully that will get Fox's attention. [/edit]

Watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Episodes*

Here's the last two episodes, 3-7 found below.

Episode 8: Vick's Chip

Episode 9 (Season Finale): What He Beheld

Here's a link for Episodes 3-7 on YouKu (I know, Youku sucks, but it's all I could find.)

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*I take no responsibility for the legality of these videos and am not affiliated with the websites in any way.

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